For more than 20 years I was a freelance photographer and graphic designer, before I completely reoriented my profession in 2008,

but through numerous small projects for very good friends, it has always remained a part of my life.


It was exactly these very good friends that motivated me not to lose my talents and that's how it came this year

the revival of my page. I only work part-time as a photographer and graphic artist, and preferably on projects that irritate me in their entirety. Likewise, I increasingly support young artists in their first steps of self-expression in public.


This always gave me new incentives, such as the design of a concert event in Japan and the first time in Japanese! - Maybe you had already wondered why my page is also available in Japanese. - Now you know it.

On my page you will find many small stories and anecdotes, which tell about the realization of individual work and projects and thus always say something to my person.


I hope you enjoy discovering.


 Olliver von Salzen