About me

I thank my mother and her highly ethical upbringing for always believing in me, supporting and supporting whatever I did and doing.

It was she who has always taught me to experience what brings me fun and fulfillment - she has raised me to a free spirit. To a person, his freedom and his curiosity always lives and will never give up.


Professional key data are there, almost as a minor matter, but a few facts.

  1987 training as an advertising photographer, then self-employed as a photographer and graphic designer.

  Meanwhile bartender and self-employed as organizer of party events.

Matter of Opinion

"In the past, portraying was understood as a documentation of a person, a personality.

For me it is a documentation of an encounter between me and a counterpart. This is not meant to reveal anyone, nor is it intended to illuminate anyone, such as X-rays. It is far from it. I'm more interested in the "alchemical reaction" that comes when elements in a room collide.


It's not so much the collision between photographer and his counterpart. It's more like a scientific experiment - the studio is more of a kind of laboratory. I also do not see portrayal psychologically - It's atomic - atoms are constantly changing their electrical charge and the greater the challenge in a shoot, the greater the chance of this discharge. Of course, I start with an idea for a photo - a whole series of ideas that ultimately "logically" form a whole. But logic is often replaced by events beyond my control "


Olliver von Salzen